I'm a 1661 woman - sixteen from behind, sixty one from the front! I'm of the baby boom generation. Loved the fab sixties - which I experienced in London - I was a flower child - thought love would change the world - brought my children up in the country - back in London for the 2nd summer of love in the eighties - danced all night again - wonderful! Now in Devon looking forward to the adventure of old age - bring it on! hahaha

Monday, March 27, 2006

me again

Had a fabulous Mother's Day yesterday - I was very spoilt with fab prezzies - then we girlies all ran off to the restaurant where Jazz works and had coffee, toast and cakes whilst sprawling on squishy sofas looking out at the beautiful bay.

Then we had to go back to the real world to meet up with Elizabeth's birthday guests and spent the rest of the day celebrating her birthday, which was great fun. Elizabeth really enjoyed it too, which was indeed a bonus. The pic shows her clapping her hands - an activity which she indulged in a lot throughout the day :o}

Tomorrow the lovely young woman who highjacked her Mum's blog to post a Mother's Day entry is coming to visit me. I feel so honoured that an almost sixteen year old young woman chooses to spend time in my company. The time we spend together is very precious to me. We don't do anything special - mooch around the shops, choose something for our evening meal, buy magazines, eat, chat, watch some TV. We can even sit together in silence, which is an indication of how comfortable we are with each other.

Lucky me....... (pressing my lips together ...... )


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Darling Lizzie

Dear little Lizzie,
I have found this birthday card in with my mother's keepsakes from when I had my first birthday so I'd like to share it with you xxxx

(It's interesting how the black doll can have the power to shock these days but way back then all children had a "gollywog". They were very loved. You need to look at the card in the context of the times in which it was produced.)

Anyway, moving on, for all you Mums out there - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY - I'm looking forward to mine and Donna's, which will be squished into the early part of the day so that we can celebrate Elizabeth's birthday in the proper manner!

Later ......

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Palm Trees in Woolwich

The mention of palm trees in Woolwich has made me take another look at where I live/work. There are palm trees here aplenty.

This is a little oasis of calm in the middle of the town - tucked away so that no one knows it's here. I love it: :o}

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Green Wing


I'm sure you all know by now but just in case - The Green Wing series 2 starts on Channel 4 at 9pm on Friday March 31st. Hurrah!

Later: Well, I have just had a brilliant afternoon, visiting Dons and catching up with her step-father who is over from San Francisco. (He also happens to be my ex-husband.) He is such a lovely man. I hadn't seen him for ages. It was great to spend some time in his company - so thank you Dons for making that possible :o} ......... Oh and for the cream tea .............

Friday, March 17, 2006

Mid Season


Went to the shops today and saw a sign saying "Mid Season Sale" - mid precisely what season are we talking about here?

Had a lovely afternoon on Wednesday. I took time off work to play with Lizzy while Dons was having her meeting with Mr Fabric Man. It was a magical time - I hardly ever have a 1-1 session with Lizzy 'cos there is generally at least one other sibling present who thinks they have exclusive rights to me :o} I tell you, girls, the Granny stage is the big payoff for the horrid, worrying times you can go through when you're being a parent. The whole relationship is so simple - you just love them and they love you back.

I am not responsible for working out the best way to bring them up. All I have to do is follow the parents basic rules and then enjoy. It is such a privilege to have the love and trust of a child - something money cannot buy.

Oh, I saw a couple of the real grumpy old women on Richard and Judy tonight - they're fab! So, Trac, is Linda Robson the woman that my photo reminds you of? (Bad grammar, I know).

Later: Loved everyone's choice of band/artist. Here's mine:

Name of Artist: Nick Cave
Are you male or female? – “West Country Girl”
Describe yourself: “Nobody’s Baby Now”
How do you feel about yourself? “Oh my lord!”
Describle your ex-boyfriend: “Black Hair”
Describe your favourite ex-boyfriend: “Loverman”
Describe where you want to be: “Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow”
Describe how you live: “Ordinary”
Describe how you love: “I Let Love In”
What would you ask for if you had one wish? “New Morning”
Share a few words of wisdom: “Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore"

Now say goodbye: "Where Do We Go Now but

Tuesday, March 14, 2006



Today I have a tip for those living in the UK.

All the emergency services have made a plan. They will look on your mobile if you are unconscious or ill (in an accident or whatever). They will look in your mobile's address book to see if you have made an entry named "ICE" - which stands for "In Case of Emergency".

Under the ICE heading you put the phone number of someone that you would want them to contact in those circumstances. You can have more than one number - you can name them ICE1, ICE2 ........ you get the picture?

Parents could make sure that their teenagers put the details in too.

This tip was passed on to me by a friend but I have made thorough enquiries to make sure that this is a true fact before passing it on.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Love Sundays

Hmmm .... well I won't go on and on about how much I love Sundays 'cos it'll make me sound like a self-centered lazy slob and that would be giving the game away - he he.

My life has been very full on recently. I run a sheltered housing scheme ( a job I really really love) and this month all the staff who still have to use up their annual leave (or lose it) have been off - then it only took a couple of people going off sick and everything went pear shaped. I've been covering two other sheltered sites besides my own - running backwards and forwards like a demented ..... um .. well .. person, I guess. I don't understand how people have difficulty using up their holiday entitlement - mine's always well gone by this time of the year. Roll on April 1st when I get some more.

I got gently told off by several dishy firemen yesterday - it was worth doing wrong to get their attention - ha ha! I was called to another site because all the fire alarms were going off - when I got there no one was reacting at all. I called the fire service and then called a fellow worker to ask where things were located. He directed me to the fire panel and told me which buttons to press to stop the dreadful noise and to reset the alarms. Of course this then prevented the firemen from seeing which alarm had been first affected - ooops!

Luckily there was no fire - I have now learned my lesson if ever the alarms go off again :o{

Dons has been working on my blog site - she is going to post a picture shortly. I have no idea what pic. we are talking about - I hope it isn't one that's too clearly in focus.

Later: Well, apparently I now have a new format, my photo, a weather pixie and all kinds of things but they are not showing on my computer yet, so I can't comment on them. THANK YOU Dons for doing this for me xxxx