I'm a 1661 woman - sixteen from behind, sixty one from the front! I'm of the baby boom generation. Loved the fab sixties - which I experienced in London - I was a flower child - thought love would change the world - brought my children up in the country - back in London for the 2nd summer of love in the eighties - danced all night again - wonderful! Now in Devon looking forward to the adventure of old age - bring it on! hahaha

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lazy Perfectionist

A few weeks ago my kettle stopped working. Instead of being sad about it I was very pleased because it meant I could now get the red kettle of my dreams. Unfortunately I couldn't source one, so I boiled all my water in a saucepan - which after a few days became tedious but it was worth it because .....

I found my kettle yesterday - a red enamelled beauty that I LOVE.


I was talking with my friend R this evening (she was telling me more things about me that are weird) and she reminded me that I once described myself to her as a "lazy perfectionist". I had forgotten ever having said that but, yes, I identify with that.

I want to do everything I do perfectly but I really don't want to put the amount of energy in that it would take. So, I will find the easiest route possible to getting as near to perfection as I can.

What are two words you could use to describe an aspect of yourself?
Later: Oh, I have now finished my course.
I gained a MERIT overall, which I was VERY pleased with because I have done nothing like this in a very long time :o}
Shameless tonight - YAY!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

weird and wonderful

Humph!! Well, Dons has tagged me to do this "6 weird things about me" thingy, so here I am. Funnily enough I had started writing a blog last night and had left it to go back to. Here it is:


I'm creeping quietly in here hoping that you'll think I've been around for ages - tho' obviously I haven't.

Since going off to Australia (which was heavenly) I came back to more course work, the Christmas madness, Alfie's accident (which affected Dons and I more than him I think) and then a heavy cold turning into tiredness and floppiness - you know what I mean?

Adding to that the fact that I don't have broadband (so I live with the situation that dear Rambling Woman couldn't bear to deal with) AND the fact that since Google have taken over I've had a really hard time even commenting on people's blogs - the worst time being when Lettuce had shared with us the good news about her mother's health.
I wrote a long heartfelt comment, only to have it rejected over and over again because I could not find the combination of words and codes that would satisfy this new, very fussy Google blog monster. It almost brought me to tears!

Since then I have tried to join the Google blog properly and I'm hoping that things will be a bit easier now.

Anyway ............ my weirdness.

I was convinced that I'm not weird at all, so I asked my nearest and dearest what they thought and they all - to a woman - agreed that I am indeed very weird. Humph!

So what things about me are weird I wanted to know? Here are some of the things they sent me, in no particular order:

'Apparently' -
  • I have the LOUDEST clap in the world
  • I have a funny 'photo face'
  • I am a list fanatic - even going so far as to draw pictures along with my lists when preparing to go on holiday
  • I stir coffee so long and vigorously it spills everywhere
  • I low like a cow when I'm asleep (I know that's true 'cos the lovely Dons taped it for me when she was a child)
  • I have to go round the supermarket in a particular order - it upsets me when it's messed up. And I have to pack everything in a particular order too - hate having someone pack my shopping for me.
  • I have no sense of direction and no memory of how I get from A to B even when I've done the route several times (or even many times).
  • I have funny choking fits at odd times - a family trait that thankfully I have not passed on to Dons or Roxy.
  • I have a 'thing' about stationary, having, for example, a large collection of (pilot)pens in waiting.
  • I have a thing about hangers - I can never have enough of them and very rarely let them go. I take them with me when I visit people, as I find no one ever provides enough hangers for me. I even dragged a load to Australia with me and yes! they were needed.
  • I always carry everything I might possibly need with me - something for every eventuality/type of weather.
  • I keep my bread in the fridge
  • I never use my nice soaps because they are too nice to use.
  • Instead of laying back in the bath to rinse my hair I bend forward
  • I can never have 'naughty' things in the house eg chocolates, even if they are present s for someone else because I will eat them :o{
  • I am always early and get panicky if there is a possibility of being late.
  • I also get up hours before I need to, just to make sure that I'm ready for the day
  • I ALWAYS check to see if clothes I am thinking of buying are 'dry clean only'

There's more, much more, but I'm going to stop there - pick out your own six from that lot.